Sponge Repair

A game by Stefan Scholl Software Development

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Fly around in 3D space and repair supercomputer modules!

Earth is under attack! Alien forces want to kill all 10 billion humans!

Humanity is prepared: a sophisticated defense system controlled by supercomputers with modules arranged in the shape of a Menger sponge.

But the followers of a doomsday cult were able to infiltrate the defense initiative and sabotage modules in every supercomputer.

Your job: repair these modules by shooting repair torpedoes at them.


The Journey begins

A few (>52) weeks ago I uploaded the first devlog video for Sponge Repair to YouTube.

Click for video on external website YouTube.

It features some early gameplay: Flying around and repairing modules with a repair torpedo (/tȯr-ˈpē-(ˌ)dō/). The modules are arranged in the form of a Menger sponge before drifting apart to make them accessible.