Sponge Repair

A game by Stefan Scholl Software Development

Legal Notice

According to the German law Telemediengesetz ยง 5.

Stefan Scholl
Software Development
Freisbacher Weg 3
67376 Harthausen

Telefon 0178 2178094
Telefax 03212 1174547
E-Mail stefan.scholl@stefan-scholl.net


IP addresses and other access data

The following data gets written into the webserver's logfile for every access:

This information will be used for statistics and removed after 30 days. The full IP address will be stored 7 days for security reasons. After that the address will get anonymized, non reversible.


Videos are hosted on YouTube. But you only access them voluntary. No data is sent to YouTube until you click the video thumbnail.

With JavaScript enabled (default on most browsers) you need to click before the video gets embedded into the page. A video URL is used that is promised not to use any cookies. Nevertheless YouTube could know you (respectively your device's IP address) accessed this video.