Sponge Repair

A game by Stefan Scholl Software Development


The Journey begins

A few (>52) weeks ago I uploaded the first devlog video for Sponge Repair to YouTube.

Click for video on external website YouTube.

It features some early gameplay: Flying around and repairing modules with a repair torpedo (/tȯr-ˈpē-(ˌ)dō/). The modules are arranged in the form of a Menger sponge before drifting apart to make them accessible.

The plan was to release the game in 2020 or early 2021. But this wasn't the case because development stopped. Announcing dates is a real problem. You'll never know what life deals you.

A Menger sponge is a brutalist fractal

But why not just a big cube?
I just like it. Most fractals are delicate and have a lot of details. A Menger sponge is a brutalist fractal.

I have even once made a design for t-shirts (and other stuff) with a big Menger sponge on it:

Where does the idea for Sponge Repair come from?

In the last year of the last decade I participated in a game jam on Itch.io. My entry was Please Don't Crash. There was 10 days time to finish a game but my first prototypes were total rubbish. So I scrapped all and made a game about flying around and repairing modules. All in 3D space with nice flying physics. There wasn't enough time to make it pretty but at least I could plug a Unity asset I'm selling: Mesh QR Code Generator.

Click for video on external website YouTube.

The game hasn't won anything but at least it was 3rd in the category "Entertainment value". So this was always in the back of my mind. Sponge Repair is based on the idea of "Please Don't Crash" but will add more entertainment value and hopefully better aesthetics.

The Future

I can't make promises on release dates but I want to make an early access version available as soon as possible. Early feedback is very important.